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WorldRoot (noun) - An Internet DNS Root Server Network that contains all known Top-level domains and in which collisions are resolved by a simple First-Come, First Serve algorithm.
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Who we Are

The WorldRoot is a project of the Top Level Domain Holders Trade Association (TLDHTA). The TLDHTA provides support for Top-Level domain holders, registries and registrars, especially those non-ICANN Inclusive Namespace TLDs. Those services include TLD name service, Registry services, public policy advocacy and end-user education about the INS.

Mission Statement

  • Operate a reliable Inclusive Namespace Root Server Network using DNS best practices to provide maximum availability of services.
  • Respect the rights of first-mover entrepreneurs by respecting the concept of First-Come, First-Serve (FCFS) in TLD claims.
  • Educate the internet citizenry about the advantages of the Inclusive Namespace and provide tools for them to more easily use the INS by providing them with DNS resources, such as INS resolvers.
  • Provide support for content providers so that they can create original content for Inclusive Namespace domains.
Latest News
On April 2, 2009, WorldRoot became part of the Top Level Domain Holders Trade Association.
DNS Root Server Information
Currently, WorldRoot has two root servers and one public resolver:

Root Servers

Public Resolver

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